Surrounded by hills, Madhugiri is a prosperous town famous for its pomegranates.  It has one of the finest hill forts in the state.  A feudal family of Vijyanagar had this place as their capital.  It was here that the queen of Keladi, Veerammaji and her son were exiled by Haider Ali, in 1763.

Adjoining  this fort is the Mallinatha Basti, a jain temple.  Apart from this temple Madhugiri also houses the Melleshwara and Venkteshwara temples.  Both these temple have a huge pillars on which lamps are kept.

Also at Madhugiri are several wells such as the Jainyana-bavi, the Arasana-bavi and the Pradhanara-bavi.  These wells have steps leading to  the water and are beautifully decorated with sculptures.

How to reach?

Tumkur is the nearest railway station.  Madhugiri is also well connected by buses from Tumkur, Bangalore and Mysore among other places.